Friday, February 11, 2011

A Week In The House

The view inside my little house on my little street is much the same as it's been all week.

Sick boy. On my bed.

(or on the couch.)

First off...H1N1 is no fun and I would never wish it on anyone. Second, today is day 5 and his temp is down to 99.9. Like I keep saying, baby steps. Third, Brian is feeling well enough to roll his eyes when I suggested we watch The Sound of Music (hey, we're running out of movies!). And last, no one else in our family has shown any signs of it. Praise God.

I, on the other hand, am going stir crazy. I made banana bread yesterday and then remembered that the only person in our little house who likes banana bread is Matthew, who is away at college. I cleaned out the pantry and the linen closet and under the boys bathroom sink. I've watched Oprah every day and every single episode of House Hunters that has been on.

So this morning I took a pile of magazines and poured a diet cherry coke into a wine glass (only because I took every glass out of the cabinet to run through the dishwasher) and sat on my little front porch.

It was nice.

And quiet.

But for reals, I am totally craving adult conversation. I am missing it so much. And the early morning interactions with crossing guards this week are not the same thing.

I must say, the sunshine felt better than I could have ever imagined.

Hello, February!

Valentine's Day is on Monday and I have been looking forward to a hot date on Sunday night with that guy that I like so much for weeks...but I'm thinking we might be canceling our plans.


It's OK, we'll reschedule for when the youngest shrub (shrub-ette?) is feeling better...maybe next weekend?

And Happy Birthday to my cousin Laura!



  1. Everything looks so green and beautiful where you live! Everything here is still covered with lots of snow.

    I am glad Brian's fever is down and that he is hopefully on his way to recovery. Good thing he's got the weekend to lay around some more! I'd suggest a Glee marathon while you guys are still hanging around the house, but that would just be for you and not him :)

  2. hi...
    Everything looks so green and beautiful where you live! Everything here is still covered with lots of snow.

  3. Glad Brian is feeling better but sorry he is not 100% yet. It is lousy when they are so sick for so long and there is nothing you can do to make it better. I know hwat you mean about going stir crazy--that is how I was feeling last week when we were trapped by the snow and ice. I crafted, cleaned, organized, read, and cooked and still ran out of things to do! :)
    Happy Valentine's Day

  4. New follower from the hop! Hope your son is feeling better soon!


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