Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day

Valentine's Day in our little house is a pretty big deal.

When the boys were small we always did a big valentine's breakfast, even if it was a school day, and it was a pretty big deal for a few reasons....the first being that I would actually cook a big breakfast and the second being the little presents they would each get.

I don't normally cook breakfast. It's just the way it is. Unless it's a frozen waffle...that's cooking, right?


Once they hit the teen years it evolved from breakfast to supper because, well, they weren't always that chipper early in the morning.

5 year olds are chipper. 15 year olds are not.

So tonight we'll celebrate.

(And m&m's on the table? Not good. I keep grabbing a few every time I walk by them...and I keep coming up with excuses to walk by them. I think I'v taken out like 50 loads of trash. So far. I'm sure I'll find more...)

Also, in celebration of love day, 25% off anything in the shop. Use code 'ValentinesDay25' at checkout. Coupon only good for today!


  1. Hey! I am so sorry about the flu fairy visiting your home! Gross. Sorry I have been out of 'touch' for so long. I will take time and read what has been happening in your life. GOod to see the CA sun in your pics. I miss that sun. Winter on the East Coast-I'm over it. We didn't have the snow we had last year but still-it has been too cold. Moved to Arlington, VA mid-November and have been crazy busy since.
    Hi to you and that guy!!!
    Kathy DJ

  2. frozen waffle is totally cooking :-)


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