Monday, February 21, 2011

The Sun Is Shining

The sun was shining all weekend.

I; however, chose not to appreciate it.

I was cold and we were running a billion different places and I was cold and we were running a billion different places and did I mention I was cold? And running a billion different places?

In between being cold and running a billion different places and spending hours panicking over my parenting abilities and truly wondering if God knows I can do this, I made lasagne.

Lasagne for me means love. It's warm and cheesy and takes time to make and smells good and tastes even better. And then I didn't stop there...I even made brownies.

Or rather I had the 12 year old make brownies. Slave labor works in this house.

(I totally want this cookie jar...anyone know where I can get one????)

On Sunday we went to a different church because M's choir (and my oldest son) was singing's in a charming part of our county that feels old. Good old...and because we live in a place where nothing is old, that is even better.

And while at church, the Pastor gave the most incredible sermon on Matthew, chapter 5 and he talked about how life just isn't fair. That not everyone gets an even piece of pie. And that what Jesus had to go through just wasn't fair.

But God was there. The WHOLE time.

And every single person in that big church that I didn't want to go to because I like MY church with MY pastor and MY pew and MY incredible music week after week...every single person disappeared and it was just God talking to ME.

Sometimes it's just not fair, but that doesn't mean it is bad. And that doesn't mean that God isn't right here with me.

Deep breath. I need to remember that.

After, we bribed Matthew with brunch out with us (vs eating back at the dorm) and he said yes, so we splurged on PJ's Abbey...which you might want to visit soon if you live locally because it's been sold and is turning into yet another mexican restaurant.

I will miss their Sunday brunch...great food, great prices, great decor, and really great live jazz. All in an old converted church.

My boys. My heart. My stress. My joy. My raw, achy knees from being knelt on in prayer.
My breakfast. I'm almost embarrassed to share what it is.


OK...I'll share. It's poor man's steak and eggs....grilled meatloaf, over easy eggs, onion strings and roasted potatoes.

I know, I know, I know.

But SO beyond good, especially since it came with bottomless champagne and let me tell you, after this week in our journey of raising three sons, I needed.

So then on the drive home with my three boys in the back seat and that guy that I like so much by my side, I noticed the sun was shining and I felt like I could do this. One day at a time.

And then it shone even a little bit brighter when Brian's basketball team won their game against the team with the most horrible meanie pants coach ever, which I shouldn't be gloating about but he was just so awful that we HAD to win....but if we had lost I would have reminded myself again that life isn't always fair.



  1. I love all of your posts, but I LOVE this post. I know...I'm no mama, but oh your heart, your beautiful heart...I love knowing you and reading about your heart. The sermon...isn't that funny how that works?! It's usually sneaky too. You know your heart needs the transfusion of something (Jesus?!), but can't pinpoint what it might be and then voila, enter Holy Spirit via sermon, song, just comes and you're right, we're reminded of the simple truth that Jesus loves us (this we know) and we can do this. Thank you for sharing your heart with the blogging world, more often than not your posts are my Holy Spirit infusion of grace, joy, and life.

  2. That was wonderful! a beautiful reminder of God's sovereignty. i have read a few of your posts, and you have such a fun style! found you at Blogmommas :)


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