Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not Easy

Tonight, this is what I am doing...eating nachos while watching the Biggest Loser.

Except I've eaten the nachos (and the chocolate, but I'm too embarrassed to admit that) and now have a laptop in my lap.

Burning calories typing.

This week has been icky.

One of the boys that lives here got busted big time, is grounded and hates me. Last time I checked, I'm not paid to be liked. But still.

And then I confided in a friend who has children who have never sinned. Not even once. Never. Ever.


So then I moved on to the friends who know and love me (and my boy) and that helped.

The chocolate and nachos helped, too.

I wish there was a way for him to understand that I am not a 'fair weather fan'....that a mum's love doesn't come and go. It stays and stays and never waivers. But alas, that doesn't happen till they get older I suppose.

And Mom...sorry for everything I put you through. Took a while, but I get it now.



  1. Ugh,that stinks. It is hard to make them understand that they made the mistake and therefore have to accept the consequence---and not be mad a the person giving the consequence! :) Kinda like an adult who is mad at the cop who gave the ticket---haha.
    I want some nachos, and chocolate. and cake, and donuts, and girl scout cookies--and pretty much anything else I could find to stuff in my gullet right now! cold weather makes me HUNGRY---and my rear view much wider!
    Luv ya sister from another mother! LOL hope your week gets better--

  2. Yeah, sometimes it's really tough being a mom! I had my share of 'hair pulling' problems with you. There were times when you hated me and you weren't going to let me forget it! Now you're going thru what I went thru with you. It'll get better. Kids always think they know it all...at least that's what you thought!!! Thanks for forgiving me...

    Now if I could just get you to call more often...LOL

    Love you,

  3. Michele, I just got home from work, had dinner out of can, and should be planning and grading for another very long day tomorrow, but instead, I'm comforting myself with your blog. :) Your food and family descriptions are so homey - they always, always make me smile. Thanks for being you.


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