Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hanging Out

The youngest shrub was up most of the night last night, achy and feverish. Poor baby. We're hanging out at home today...we've already watched 3 movies and made deviled eggs. Next up...naps.

He's 12 and is back to the age where a nap is not the end of the world.



Not too far from my little house (like 3 miles away) is the most wonderful's a golf course with a charming club house nestled into the foothills. The driveway is divine...long and windy and makes you feel like you never want it to end.

But if it never ended you would never reach the clubhouse with the bestest ever big's my favorite 'I need to pretend I live in Georgia' lunch spot.

It's definitely winter here, yes the temps are in the 70's but the hills are brown and barren, but it's still so pretty.

The neighborhood gals and I met up there yesterday for a long, leisurely, relaxing, grown-up lunch.

We laughed and talked and drooled over my neighbor's pictures of her trip to Africa ( incredible!!!) and just hung out in the sunshine.

I heart my neighbors.


I also LOVE this salad and can honestly say that it is my very favorite salad in the whole wide world...a grilled chicken waldorf salad, but what I love most about it is that it is that everything is separate. And the fact that they grow their own strawberries.

I could seriously eat this every single day of my life.

I am actually tempted to order one to go and swing by and pick it up, but seeing as I am still in my pj's with Brian it's not going to happen.

Oh well.

Cup o'noodles anyone?



  1. Mmmm! That salad looks delicious and easy to make. Tonight, however, I picked dinner up from a fancy little market near my house--a white wine herb rotisserie chicken, some wonderful crusty multigrain bread, and some fresh asparagus. I also couldn't resist picking up some gingerbread pancake mix. This weekend I need to check out the new Sunset Foods that opened in Long Grove. It's sort of an upscale grocery store that specializes in its fresh foods. I'll have to see what they have :)

  2. Winter - and it's 70 degrees? Life must be SO hard in CA.

  3. Oh Michele, I so want that salad right now!! It looks delicious. Think you could send one to Texas!!!


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