Sunday, January 16, 2011

Breaking News

I need to interrupt your weekend to share something important.

Last night we had a burger-fest in our little house.

Gourmet burger fest.

I have now eaten something I said I would never eat, thanks to the convincing of my 17 year old son.

And he's was. AMAZING.

Here's the scoop: Have someone grill a burger. Top it with fresh mozzarella, a dollop of pesto, a slice of tomato and a FRIED (overeasypeasy) EGG.

No kidding.

Does it sound disgusting to you? It did to me, too, but I tried it and wept.

And to go with it...sangria.

Because seriously, what else do you drink on a 78 degree day in January?

That's it...just thought I'd share.

Back to the Golden Globes.


1 comment:

  1. 78 degrees? That's just wrong. Time for me to leave IL. Not only too many taxes, but the weather. We're getting either snow, ice, or freezing rain tomorrow. Glad we have the day off!


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