Friday, January 7, 2011

The First week Of The Year

All the Christmas decorations have been taken down and our little house seems so empty.

And clean.

But technically it's not clean clean, just bare. I actually took everything off the walls with the idea of mixing things up a bit and after playing around for hours, hung it all back up in the exact same places they were before.


There was a knock on our door the other day and a woman I didn't know handed me a box of homemade cream puffs.


Turns out they were from our dentist for referring someone to his practice.

Cream puffs? From the dentist? In January?

(we ate them all, btw. sigh.)

While gorging on cream puffs I decided to go out on a limb and fry up some meatballs in olive oil, which were later drenched in gravy (that's spaghetti sauce for some people) and covered in a mountain of cheese and baked.

Low cal in So cal.

In January.


Thursday brought lunch out with that guy that I like so much....probably the best hot dog on the planet.

Yellow mustard, sweet relish, tomatoes, peppers (I picked them off...sorry) and a big dill pickle.


What are gas prices in your neck of the woods?

Out of control here. Somebody tell me it's going to get better?
I'm continuing the' clean out something around the house every day' thing today...though I have yet to decide what that will be. For right now I am too busy watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...priorities, priorities.



  1. OK that seals it--we ARE twins! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the RH of BH. I haven't watched it yet--got it on dvr for later. Gas is 2.89 here right now.
    And finally, I had a random woman show up at my door the other day with dog treats. Her dog had died and she was giving away the treats she had just bought before the passing. She was at the wrong house but gave me the treats anyway. LuLu our pooch was very happy. :) I would have liked the cream puffs better!

  2. Gas here in Chicago is the highest in the country. Some predict $5 by next year. I sure hope their predictions are wrong.

    Send me the cream puffs!


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