Sunday, November 7, 2010


We've been having an issue for the past two years (we're slow to take care of things round these parts) involving our smoke alarm.

Mainly that it goes off every. single. time I cook.

So annoying.

The reason being is that there used to be a wall separating our kitchen and family room (remember?) and now we don't.

Because our little house is well...little, we now had a smoke detector in the kitchen.

But now we don't.

(and FYI...we still have other smoke detectors. promise.)

Yesterday in between basketball games, we had the most perfect lunch ever.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Is there anything better? I think not...

Remember yesterday when I said I fixed the dryer?

It's not working again and the repairman is on his way.

Broken dryer plus a houseful of boys equals a whiney mama.

Praying it's little.

And cheap.


  1. The previous owners of our house had a smoke alarm in kitchen just above and slightly to the left of the stove. Who puts a smoke alarm above a stove? A clock now hangs in that spot...and we do have additional alarms throughout the house :)

  2. A few years back, while using a blow torch, the plumber set of our smoke detecters. While not a big deal, two fire engines, ambulance, and police rolled up couple minutes later.

    And yes, there ain't nuttin better than tomato soup and grilled cheese.



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