Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Made It!

For weeks I have been preparing for this weekend and it didn't disappoint, though right now I am sooooo tired that I cannot even think straight.

Or maybe it's because this is what I had for supper...filet mignon and a grilled portobello mushroom stuffed with spinach. Oh...and don't forget the garlic mashed potatoes.

I've often said I could easily be a vegetarian if it wasn't for beef.


The reason for the original, before food coma, exhaustion were two back to back jewelry shows that I was slated to do. I had hammered and hammered and made enough for both shows ahead of time and then....THEN I sold out at the very first show, which meant I came home yesterday and had to make a whole lot more.

And then sold almost all of that, too.

What. A. Blessing.

Crazy, but a blessing.

(And if I 'met' you at one of the shows...Hello. And welcome.)

Tomorrow brings my re-entry into real life.

There's not a clean stitch of clothing in the whole house.

No food.

The floor is sticky and let's not discuss the boys bathroom...ok?

Corner Bakery has pumpkin whoopie pies. Be still my soul.

Crossing guards need to be evaluated.

Esther is lonely and wants me to study more about her.

38 custom jewelry orders need to be made, packaged and shipped.

A car needs two new tires and a smog test.

Peter's Canyon is practically begging me to hike it...anyone want to come along? It's fall after all!

Somehow, all of the above seems LESS stressful than preparing for those shows...bring. it. on.



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