Monday, November 29, 2010

Back Home

We're home.

Unpacked, sort of, to a house that smells like cats live here.

Which they do...I just don't want to smell them.

Oh...and Chinese food, which we picked up for supper.

Cats AND chinese food.

Mmmm...(not)....but it is always so nice to be back home, even if we were somewhere really fun.

My oldest is back at his dorm and the Christmas lights are on the outside of the house....though it's still Thanksgiving on the inside for a few more days.

I'm missing this:

My sister-in-law arranged for a photographer to meet us on the beach for a family photo fun to be able to have those memories.

It's 5am and I am up...worried about all that has to happen today.

Pretty sure worrying is NOT going to help, so I've made a list.

Which has me worried.


First up....COFFEE!

(with peppermint mocha creamer...YUM!)


  1. The beach house looks like a beautiful place to take a vacation! I had a really nice five days off school and couldn't believe how much fun and activity I was able to pack into those days...Thanksgiving dinner, a couple of movies (Harry Potter IMAX and Tangled 3D), dinner out, lunch out, decorating for Christmas, cleaning house, visiting a funeral home (a friend's mom died), working out at the gym, shopping, and more. Now it's time to do some schoolwork!

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