Friday, November 5, 2010

Highs and Lows

HIGH: 5 months ago today I took this picture.
LOW: 19 months until I see it again. Not that I am counting.

HIGH: 98. In November.
LOW: 63. That's more like it.

HIGH: Our electric meter WAS read wrong and we now owe $284 less than we did last Tuesday.
LOW: The $25 ticket that was overlooked is now $584. Or warrant for arrest. I'm seriously thinking a night or two in the slammer will be less painful.

HIGH: I am feeling MUCH better.
LOW: Completely out of tea.

HIGH: Watching Matthew perform yesterday. Yowza. He must get his talent from me.
LOW: Having to tell my 12 year old that the way his 'friends' treat him is not friendly. At all.

HIGH: SpiderTech Tape. Google it. Makes Alex smile. And run. Fast.
LOW: Only 3 pieces of banana laffy taffy in the halloween bags? Really?

HIGH: Cats.
LOW: Hair balls.

HIGH: Thanksgiving...the ultimate holiday, is this month.
LOW: the fact that every store is full of Christmas.

HIGH: the house is quiet.
LOW: because it is after midnight.

HIGH: they are building a new gym down the street from my little house.
LOW: oh the guilt. gonna have to pass it every time I go to Panera.

HIGH: feeling sleepy!
LOW: feeling sleepy!

Share your high and low...pretty please!


1 comment:

  1. But I thought you might go back to Italy to chaperone the spring break trip to Italy for Kate! ;-)


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