Monday, August 16, 2010

Proper Parenting

All last week our friends (who are more like family than friends) were visiting from Colorado.

And now they are gone and I am in a funk.

I miss them. Lots.

Tammy and I learned to parent at the same time and I was sharing my new technique of public humiliation (in the form of public singing using my thumb as a microphone) that I threaten my boys with and she pulled the 'I can one up you' card.

River dancing.

In public.

As in...Michael Flattley.

Oh. My. Word.

So all day today I kept cracking up, which helped me forget how blue I was feeling.



  1. Just think week you get to see me...and I can embarrass you plenty!!!!!!!!!!! At least I used to be able to do that pretty good!

  2. That was SO funny! Good for her. She isn't half bad, you know. She could go out 'on the road!' Which is probably where her kids think she should be!
    Riot. Thank. You.
    Love, Kathy


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