Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mid August

This has nothing to do with anything, but isn't this picture kinda freaky? I took it last weekend of that guy that I like so much (who was driving in front of me and was, just so you know, stopped at a stoplight at the time) and upon closer inspection, it looks like he is going to hit that car.

Just thought I'd share.

The youngest shrub (yet another side note...our last name is Busch, so we call our kids shrubs. Get it?) asked for plain 'ole spaghetti and gravy the other night and because I like him, I made it.

I was happy until I pulled it out of my oven and it had exploded not just inside the oven but on top of the stove, too.

The biggest greatest part of this BFF's (best friends forever) are now BFF's.

What more could a girl ask for?

Tammy and her daughter and Sheila and her daughter....sigh.
We've spent night after night drinking wine and dancing in the backyard and laughing and reminiscing.
Chris and Tammy were our upstairs neighbors in CU Boulder's family housing while we were in school and poor and having babies...girls for them, boys for us.
It's been a great week...and it's not even over yet.


Oh, and I won a giveaway and got lots of Starbucks coffee delivered to my door. Thanks, Anna!
And on this Wednesday morning while I was trying to package up a bunch of jewelry orders AND do some laundry AND make some work phone calls AND pick up the house, it happened.

The inevitable happened.

The 'oh my word, are these children ever going to go back to school because they are driving me up the wall' happened.

I cannot be absolutely sure but I kinda think my head may have spun around a few times as I went just a teeny weeny bit ballistic.

OK, so I totally went ballistic.

The thing is, when I go ballistic my children just stare at me with bored looks on their faces which makes me go even more ballistic.

Yep. It does.

But this too shall pass and it has and all is calm with the mama once again.


And for your viewing youngest while school clothes shopping:

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  1. You made me laugh!! Love the "real" family life. I live it each and every day. Glad I found you and now following back!! Thanks for stopping by!


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