Sunday, August 15, 2010

All Home Safe and Sound

My oldest son returned home after a summer away (marching with a drum and bugle corps, in case you were wondering) and was, quite literally, tackled by his younger brothers in the airport.


He is tan and happy and TIRED and thrilled with his mama for always looking out for him.... I even tried to fix him up with the girl at the drive-thru.

And seriously, I had no idea she actually went to your school.

Welcome home, Matteo.

(and sorry both your laptop and your car don't work. ouch. we'll get those taken care of pronto.)

Stay home forever (or at least for a few days), ok?



  1. Hey, Michele!
    Long time no comment-been a most busy time since the last week of June-I can't believe your weather this summer-hasn't been over 82? Are you serious? We have had 54 days over 90 (and don't forget to add loads of humidity!!) and 20 some days of those over 95 and it has been over 100 3 days. We are trapped in hell-literally. Going to be 90 most days this week too. Record for one summer is 67 days. I suppose we have a shot at breaking the record-and this on top of the winter with the most snow in over 100 years. Hmmm.
    We hired our new Principal organist/Associate Dir of Music and he is going to be a great fit for our worship staff. Presented 3 breakouts at the Pastoral Musician convention in Detroit and a week later was lead faculty at a choir director institute in Ohio. Now it's just getting back to work. Your summer has sounded wonderful. I miss you.
    Love, Kathy-the one sweating in the heat......

  2. And exactly WHY don't his car and laptop work right now? Maybe his siblings did something to them??

  3. Haha! Well did you succeed with fixing him up with the girl from his school?! :) He looks truly horrified. These are the things my son has to look forward to.

    Following from Friendly Follow.

  4. I'm a mama to boys too. I have a 10 yr old and a 5 yr old--and our at and dog are our "girls" too! :)
    Found you through the Friday blog hop.

  5. Hi Michele!
    You won one of the giveaways on my blog :)
    Let me know where I can send it to you!

  6. Stopping by from New Friend Friday!

    My sister is in Colorguard and will be joining a Drum Corp this next summer, well she hopes to.

    Hope all goes well and that you guys enjoy your time together.



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