Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The End of Summer

This weekend we had the fam over for supper and the big brother (my husband) decided his baby brother needed a massive slab o beef for supper.

Everyone should have a big brother.

And this picture is going to get me in BIG trouble and may actually disappear shortly...maybe.

You have to know, I am blessed with a beautiful, hand picked (by me, thankyouverymuch) sister in law...who ALWAYS looks fabulous.

And I didn't even take this picture...her very own daughter did, which is why I am posting it.

There's just somethin' about really beautiful people looking real. Makes me smile.

We sat outside and ate supper and drank wine and laughed and tried really, really hard not to talk about the fact that school is starting back up.

But it kept creeping in.

So the weekend was lovely but then I became a crazy woman trying to do it all this week.

School registration. Physical therapy. Orthodontist appointment for the boy whose father had 11 wisdom teeth. Start up meeting for work. Laundry. Cooking. Cleaning. Bill paying.

And yet another trip to Ruby's for the boy who does not want to have a bionic mouth, but doesn't have a choice.
And then tonight....happy hour with some of my very favorite people.

It's always nice to hang with friends who have your back...the ones you can pour your heart out to about life and love and rock n roll.

And the crazy neighbors who are making me miserable, but that's a whole 'nuther story.

But then again, everyone should have a crazy set of neighbors...right?


  1. Thanks SO much for the picture--I really appreciate it! :0)

  2. hmmm am i posting now


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