Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Date Night

This morning we are still dealing with tar everywhere.

The smell is lovely.


The upside is the street will be pretty...not that it wasn't pretty before. Not that I looked all that closely.

Alex decided we needed a date night simply because he wanted KFC and the only way I will ever buy KFC is if I am not home to eat it.


So he proposed that we go out and he would stay home and man the house with Brian.


(didn't take much for me to say that either.)

So M picked up the fan feast (which they devoured. ick.) and we took off for PF Changs.

I love this martini. Love, love, love.

See the shrimp dish? Left side? See it? Huh?

I am in an annoying mood today.


Anyway...shrimp with walnuts and honey dew melon. Made me cry. For reals. YUM.

So good that I am seriously thinking of getting a 'to go' order of it for lunch today and not telling (or sharing with) anybody.

It was THAT good.
We then walked around the Spectrum. (an outdoor mall) Our plan was to go to a movie, but after discussing how we would have to watch 3 hours of the Bachelorette afterwards, we ditched the movie plan and went for the strolling arm in arm plan.

We ended up in Anthropologie, probably one of my favorite stores ever....and found a 1930's book on manners.

This is a very nice reminder.

We came home and watched 3 hours (minus commercials...thank you TiVo) of that crazy Monday night show that I watched (Ali redeemed herself in my eyes) and shared a piece of cheesecake that we picked up on the way home.

I am still full and it is morning.

And seriously, I can't stop thinking about that shrimp.

Today is full of appointments...eye doctors (Brian is now in contacts!) for two kids, the orthodontist for one and physical therapy for another.


Matthew performed in Tennessee last night..tomorrow is Pennsylvania. Making their way towards finals in Indy!

Shrimp. Shrimp. Shrimp.


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