Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Year In Review

It's New Year's Eve and I am home trying not to worry about my offspring who are out for the night...Matthew is driving to friends and will be sleeping there (just waiting for the text that tells me he is there and IN for the night...our only request of him was NO DRIVING and he, thankfully, is a smart cookie) and Alex is just a few blocks away at a friends...we'll pick him up just after midnight.

Moms + New Year's Eve just DO NOT mix well. At all.

The rest of us are home, having RSVP'd 'no' to all the parties. We're hunkered down, though we might gather at the neighbors beginning at 11pm...depending on how engrossed in the Star Trek movie we are. And whether or not I feel like putting real clothes back on.


This year has flown by.


Let's face it...this DECADE has flown by. The 00's brought us much...tonsils out of 2 kids, ear tubes times 8, broken bones, stitches, knees...oh my!, plus a total of 5 months all together in Europe, a house remodel, graduations and one of us 5 leaving the nest for college.

So, here it is...2009, simplified:

January...the knee. Funny how the way we began this year is how we are ending it. Actually NOT funny, but all part of God's plan for this child of mine.
January was also a GREAT beach month here in the SoCal...Brian and his boogie board were one. His favorite Christmas gift this year? A orthopedists dream.
February brought my clean cut, all american, good graded, well mannered son's 19th birthday.
February was also the end of Alex's choir journey...and yes, we all survived.
March...Brian discovered that as the youngest, there are many, many perks. Suppers out with just mom and dad and he gets to ORDER. OFF. THE. MENU.

April was when Mendelssohn, who had been an inhabitant of our home for a long, long time, came to life. It was a smashing success and he is now in the past, whereas Handel has taken his place.
May was when I realized that my oldest was not only growing up, but had made a wise decision as to his career choice. May also showed me that I had done my job and that he was ready to fly solo...a rather sad day, I might add...but a proud one also.
June ended my latest addiction with FarmTown on Facebook. It was a life changing event. We also celebrated our 23rd year of marriage. (not that Farm Town was more important...)
July found 3 out of the 5 of us completely immersed in the final book of Harry Potter. Wow.
July also brought us tomatoes and zucchini and eggplant and peppers and all sorts of other home grown bounty out of my not so little sanctuary, also known as my garden. Who would have EVER thought that I would become a gardener?
August found me at LAX picking up my clean cut, good graded, always polite oldest son after missing him terribly while he travelled the summer away...who was still polite but was sporting a rather severe mohawk and pierced ears. It's OK...we still like him.
September is when my youngest shrub turned 11 and found that he and his skateboard were BFF's. Brian started 6th grade, Alex - 10th and Matthew returned to college life as a sophomore.
October...the month of skin heads on my rather tall children.
November...Alex, the boy in the middle, turns 16. He continues to make us laugh CONSTANTLY...and keeps me in constant conversation with God.
December. Concerts. Basketball games. Injuries. A jewelry business that has flourished. A home we love. A baby born to save us. Thankfulness.
Happy New Year, my friends...Happy New Year.

See you on the flip side.



  1. Happy New Year to you and your family...from me and my family!

  2. What a year! Thanks for the recap. What a beautiful family you have. No surprise, with you in the lead.
    I hope 2010 is a good one.
    I do hope to get back to CA for a visit this year.
    Kathy DJ

  3. i read the page of Harry Potter =0D i love those books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this is emily not ryan =0)


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