Monday, December 7, 2009

Rain Day

It was one of those rainy, cold, blustery days that made me so glad I had no reason to leave my I didn't and now the laundry is under control and Brian's closet is clean. Again.

Oh, and I flipped thru the pages of this book. Is it 2010 yet?


It's Christmastime...which means panettone, probably one of my favorite things ever. I say that about a lot of things, but this time I mean it.

In the midst of a downpour, my phone rang and my next door neighbor invited me out for tea. So off we went for an hour at Panera, chosen because they serve their tea in big mugs...and today was a big mug sort of day.
The girls were sad all day and kept looking longingly out the window. Every now and then I'd open the door and give them a chance to go out, but there was no way they were getting their sweet little paws wet.
Aside from all that, I made the mother of all pot roasts (with mashed potatoes) for supper...the perfect winter meal. We (as in the parental unit) caught up on Glee....which is a show that constantly makes me burst out laughing in an 'oh my' sort of way. Love it.

Tomorrow the craziness will creep back in, but today was just what the DR ordered.

I feel rested. And when the momma is rested...well, let's just say that everyone is rested.



  1. Yesterday we were snowed we are iced in. We're not minding at is so beautiful. We have power, heat and plenty of food.

  2. With the snow falling, today was definitely a hot tea kind of day. I had to stop by the tea shop on my way home and get my tin refilled with my current favorite--summer fair (a blend of toasted almonds and apples). I also left with a cup of steaming coconut chai. I love tea!


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