Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Boys

It's been a week of seeing my boys growing up, each in their own element.

I like that.


Brian had his first basketball game and scored basket after basket for his team...a total of half the points on the scoreboard for his team were his.

Which, and someday he will read this, just makes me smile. The first year he played basketball he begged, wanting to be just like his older brother...who, by the way, started out as a scrawny little pip squeak on the court himself. Brian was the one who would stop the ball while it was in play, turn to the coach and want to have a discussion about how the game was going and perhaps, how it could be done a little bit better. The fact that his coach was the former university basketball coach made it even more hilarious.

But Brian has more perseverance than anyone I have ever met...and he has been practicing and practicing. And this week, it paid off.

Then I listened to Matthew perform earlier this week and again last night. Wow. He sings. He plays trumpet. And lo and behold, the kid plays piano like nobody's business.

His talent comes from me.


And finally, Alex had a game on Friday night against a private high school that has more kids move on to the NBA and NFL than any other high school in our whole hot diggety long state. They recruit kids from everywhere and are known for their amazing sports teams.

And our local, neighborhood high school played them in a tournament. We beat them last year, so they came armed with their varsity players (we came armed with our JV players) and in the end, we lost by 3.

Oh...and Darryl Strawberry? Number 35 is MY son. Yep. So yell away. I heard ya. We all heard ya. While you kept screaming, 'Who had #35?' I proudly thought, 'me.' I had him (in 52 minutes, thankyouverymuch) and he's MY son.


The crowning moment of this weekend was at today's concert. I was sitting by some people who asked if I knew anyone in the concert and I said yes...that I was here because my son not only sings, but plays in the orchestra, too.

No mention of that guy that I like so much, who does have a small part in the 5 concerts they put on.

At some point, someone came along and said hello and introduced me as Dr Busch's wife. The people I was sitting near asked me about it and I kind of did and 'oh yeah, I'm married to the director' kind of thing.

The woman next to me looked at me and said, 'Oh. He looks so much younger.'

The way I heard that is 'oh. he looks young and you do not. you look old and frumpy and he looks fabulous and great. so there'.

Gotta love how a woman's mind works.

I came home and called everyone I know and they all had the same kind of guffaw when I told them the story.

Gotta love how a woman's girlfriends work.



  1. Mike doesn't seem to age much, I think he might be a vampire.

  2. I am sitting here listening to a wonderful John Rutter choral CD and thinking about how much I am going to miss hearing Kate sing in a choir next year. What a blessing for you to be able to enjoy your family's concerts. Kate has her choral concert on Friday and show choir concert next week. I'll enjoy them while I can!

    Kate will be very far away next year. She will be going to Capernwray Bible School in northern England. It's a one-year program for 170 students, and she will live and study in a real castle. Then she'll come back here and pursue her degree in music therapy, probably at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. It's still far away, but at least it's not across the ocean.


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