Friday, December 4, 2009

Slowing Down

Today I didn't even get dressed until noon and have yet to even shower...I figure no one will notice while I am at Alex's game tonight.

Or so I hope.

Oh...and something to ponder. If his team wins tonight, then they play tomorrow night for the championship at 7:30pm, which is the exact same time as his older brother's (ok....and his dad's) opening Christmas concert, which I have never missed.

And there is no way I can miss a championship game, either.

BUT (and this is a big BUT) if they lose tonight (and keep in mind his team is like 48 - 3, but they are playing in a tough conference) then they play tomorrow night at 6:00pm.

So, I am just going to calmly wait it out tonight (as calm as I can be while watching Alex play) and figure God is going to let this all play out the way it is supposed to.


Alex's birthday, sandwiched between basketball games. His big gift? A punching bag. Just what I need in my little house...more testosterone producing products.
A few new designs, including this one...which I love, love, love. This one was from a guy for his girlfriend, which I thought was really sweet.
The cats, doing what they do best.


My hallway...AKA the garage, laundry room and basement all rolled into one handy, dandy 4 ft square space.

Ugh again.

Have I mentioned my dislike for clutter and piles?

(oh...and this is clean now. whew.)
The view from my parking spot at the college yesterday. Beautiful.
This week has been really, really new 'paying' job, which really is a dream job (I literally get paid to carry my telephone...most of the time, that is!) kept me in my car a ton this week. When I wasn't in the car, I was doing paperwork, and when I wasn't doing paperwork, I was on the phone dealing with problems.

And then I had to fire someone and I don't likey, likey that part at all...but come on, if you don't show (3 times in 3 weeks) then you can't stay. But the worst part was when he wept. I just felt bad, but had no choice.


The good news is that my big evaluations are done and in the mail to my boss, so life will go back to normal again.


So today I stayed home all day, except for a quick jaunt out to the post office and to get milk. I did the things I feel so good about kitchen sink is shiny, the boys bathroom smells fresh and clean, and the laundry is almost done.

I feel like me again, if that makes sense...not the scattered, crazy, trying to hold it all together me, but the me that feels reconnected to my home.

All is well.

That guy that I like so much has a big rehearsal tonight and two concerts this weekend, followed by three next weekend. He and Brian are eating sushi and in a bit we'll head over to Alex's two cars so that M can leave if the game runs long. Brian and I will drive back to the high school in time to meet Alex's bus, run him thru the McD's drive-thru and then come home.

My little home sweet home.


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