Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Can't Teach Stupid

Dear Police Department,

My son's car has been stolen.

Sort of.

I mean, we did hire a mechanic to fix it. And yes, we did give him the keys and permission to drive it to his shop to have it fixed.

And no, we didn't exactly ask where that shop was located. I mean, why would we? We have his cell phone number!

OK, and we kinda sorta might've given him $200 in cash to order the parts with. He's such a nice and friendly guy, after all.

Oh yeah, we did see which direction he drove away from our house. In fact, we stood on our front porch happy and well fed, with Frank Sinatra blaring in the background while we waved bye-bye to him. My husband and I even gazed into each others eyes and talked about how lucky we were to find such an affordable automobile repairman.

It was going to be a 6 hour job.

That was last week.

I'm sure he'll call us when he gets his cell phone working again.

Thank you for taking the report.


  1. Maybe he thought he won a giveaway on your blog. If you do have a giveaway, please enter me! I would love to win a car and money.

  2. Andrew wants to share a sign that's in his history classroom:

    youth can be aged
    immaturity outgrown
    drunkenness sobered
    but stupid lasts forever.

    Andrew is also frightened that he's related to you.

  3. In the words of Forrest, "Stupid is as stupid does."

  4. Andrew...we share the same crazy relatives! To be perfectly honest with you, I think I am one of the most sane ones in the family....don't you think???


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