Monday, April 19, 2010

A Few Pictures

Pictures, glorious pictures.


Nutella and Peeps.

Living on the edge.

Brian and his dream meal...rice, black beans and mahi-mahi.

Life is good.

Bon-Bon's. Peanut butter. Would've been better without the chocolate.
Sneaking snacks into a concert. Mmmm....gummy bears.
Being silly. Crazy kid.
Mother's Day orders. Thankful.
Our kitchen post-party. Seriously considered selling and starting over, but I suppose the new kitchen would get dirty, too...and how many times can you start over?
Time. to. sleep.

Physically tired.

Walked 2 miles. Ate granola pancakes. Walked 2 miles home.

Emotionally exhausted.

Had to suspend someone this morning.

Have to fire them tomorrow.

Made them cry (hard) in between.



  1. The nutella and peeps looks good


  2. was SO YUMMY!!! I'm all out of Peeps now (sniff, sniff) but we did try it with marshmallows and it was really good, too!!


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