Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

Saturday morning we received an SOS call from our oldest, whose car wouldn't start.

The exciting news...the call came on a day where that guy that I like so much had off, so together we went to assess the situation.

Turns out it needed a new starter, so a call was made to Morales...our handy, dandy cheap car repair man.

While waiting for him to come, we took a little walk through the hills surrounding the college. The sun was shining and it was warm and the mustard was in we brought home armloads of it and I now have vases of it all over my house.

And then we waited while the car was fixed.
Today, Easter Sunday, was glorious. Church was amazing with all my favorite was one of those services that just came to life for me and literally brought me to tears. My Savior has risen.

Home...and the arrival of the bunny cake.
My nephew Logan brought us a charlie brown easter lily.

We ate antipasto for lunch.
Karen came over. All together there were 17 of us.

Matthew and Ella...the oldest cousin with the youngest. There's a 20 year gap!
More cousins...Garrett, Alex and Devin.
Pictures I wish I had taken:
  • Joey and Michelle. Sigh. My family.
  • Hyunjoo, who came and brought sushi AND korean beef.
  • My boys, who had both sides of the family there.
  • The rather large lasagna that fed us.

Oh...and did I mention the LONG and BIG earthquake that shook my little house on my little street? 7.2, centered a few hours south of here. Thankful that we were all here together when it happened!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter! There were 18 of us at my mother-in-law's house...some of his family and some of my family, including my dad with his walker. Liz left for Bradley after dinner and drove back in a torrential thunderstorm. Fortunately she made it back safely.

    Enjoy your spring break! Sadly, mine is over...but summer comes next : )

  2. I don't see an earring in Matt's ear.

  3. Glad that you had no lasting effects from the earthquake and had a wonderful Resurrection Day!


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