Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can't Sleep

It's 12:12am.

Insomnia can be a bear.

I cleaned the pantry today (actually yesterday, since today is yesterday's tomorrow) and made jewelry.

Mother's Day is bigger than Christmas round these parts...and the most popular seller this week are these little guys:

My only complaint is that I keep whacking my thumb. Ouch. And I have pretty unattractive thumbs to begin with, but now at least I can blame it on the hammer.


I trained a new crossing guard today (I mean, yesterday), a retired engineer. I didn't ask him when I interviewed him what his profession had been, but I knew when he read the hand book cover to cover before our first training session.

Every now and then I get a good one.

Tomorrow ( I mean, today) I need to clean the laundry room because on Friday my new dryer comes. Buy LG. That's my plug. Not that anyone from LG reads my blog, but if they did I would want to let them know that I appreciate their customer service. And so do my clothes.

It's now 12:34am. Time to sleep!

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