Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Weekend

Last night, in celebration of the dryer being fixed (by the most condescending male I have ever met), I cooked a pork rib roast thingy which I slathered with dijon mustard and rosemary.

I then took a picture of it while all the males that currently live in my house gathered around with silverware in their hands.


I must say, it rocked. Like, totally rocked.

And not the dryer.

Or the males with silverware in their hands.

The roast rocked.

This morning brought church at an earlier hour than what we are used to, thanks to the youngest shrub and a special class he is taking on the Lord's Prayer. In n Out followed and then back to back basketball games for my middle son, who is currently playing on a team as an illegal alien.

Current high school players can only play on club teams during off season and this isn't a club team. But oh well, his coach saw him and axed the idea, so now my Sunday afternoon's will once again be free.


A run to Target followed by me sitting on a stool watching that guy that I like so much cook.


I was thinking he was pretty darn great and then he set this plate down in front of me and I went all weak in the knees.

Seriously now.

Some woman like diamonds.


A little bleu, a little sundried tomatoes and a little 20 yr old balsamic.

Want to come over? I'll share!


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