Friday, April 16, 2010

A Letter To My Family

Dear Andrew and Matt (and Rachel, too!),

I would like to tell you that while you think I am crazy (and you think correctly), it is not because I live in California.

It is because the blood that flows through my veins comes from crazy people. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that same crazy blood (from crazy people) flows through your veins, too.

Your great-Grandparents were a little on the quirky side. Your Grandma and my mom used to talk about them and us kids would overhear. Now, we talk about them and you overhear. Someday, you will talk about us and your children will overhear. It's the circle of life.

My Mom is crazy. I know you've heard the stories and just so you know, they are all true. Your Grandma is crazy...did she ever tell you about the time she got a little angry with the toll booth that ate her nickel? She actually got out of her car (with rush hour traffic piling up behind her station wagon loaded down with all of us kids) and proceeded to have it out with the machine. As in, violently shake. And kick. And she just might've called it a bad 'stupid'.

I am still recovering from that episode.

That crazy blood flows through all of us. And yes, I believe we are all doomed.

On the flip side, we are definitely not boring. Crazy is better than boring.

your Auntie Michele

PS. Here is my lunch. A hot dog (with mustard and relish...yum, yum!) and a diet coke from Costco. Just thought I would share.


  1. That's really inspiring, knowing I am now a psychopathic loonatic. On the other hand, perhaps I am normal and was adopted and my parents just forot to tell me.

    Your now crazy family member,

  2. Yo dude that was reaaaaally random!!!!!! :D it was awesome tho


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