Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On The Go

Today, we drove.

Not far, mind you, but all over the county for various reasons.

But the best reason of all was for this:

...and this. The Beachcomber. Proabably one of my very favorite 'get away from the OC' places. It's quite literally a cottage turned restaurant on the beach with really, really yummy food.
And sand. Warm sand, please meet my toes that are in desperate need of a pedicure.
Half of this was mine because I was sharing with....
KATHY!!! Our funniest friend ever who came to visit (and take a break from all the famous people she is in contact with in that big city that she works in) and play with us for a way too short time.

And she shared pancakes with me, too, and I'm not even famous.

And I met a new friend (who I think I might've scared just a little...but at least I didn't eat off of her plate, which is what I usually do...) and we had such a nice time just eatin' breakfast on the beach.

And after driving for new tires (major $$) and new brakes (more major $$)...none of which were for my car thankyouverymuch, my car did celebrate a little birthday.

100,000 miles.

One hundred thousand miles.

It rained today, too. Just a bit, but enough to send SoCal into StormWatch.

Oh brother.

But the air is clean and Glee is on and we had butternut squash ravioli with fresh sage for supper and I didn't have to fire anyone today.

Life is good.


  1. I really don't understand why you could possibly scare someone off?? Could it be the story of the "stolen" vehicle?

  2. Hey...at least I got the car back!!! =0)

  3. I am assuming you took your other car to a real mechanic this time?

  4. That was truly the greatest breakfast I have had in years and years. The most amazing corned beef hash and those pancakes.... Terri loved it all-you included. She does have to get out more.....ha. No, she thought you were wonderful. Of course, I have always said that you are like my sister-so there you go.
    Hope the dryer comes tomorrow. I got back last night(which is, what?, like two weeks in the future??) at 11;30 pm. Tough to re-enter work life again, so I will have to go in tomorrow and make sure I am ready for the weekend.
    I just read the car repair story-what a riot! Far out. Fishy, indeed and yes, you did get the car back.
    Thanks again for a great breakfast and it was great to be able to see you not once, but twice!!! You are part of what I miss most in CA.
    Love, Kathy

  5. X...sadly, yes. And he charged more, too!! =0)

  6. Oh Kathy...move back here. Or maybe we should move there? I laugh sooooo hard when I talk with you and I learn so much. (the whole escalator in Assisi, for instance!) =0)


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