Thursday, April 15, 2010

Smelly Squid (and a car update)

This morning I helped 6th graders dissect squid.


Is the plural of squid, squids?

And I have to tell you...I love that my youngest still wants me around. I know what's coming...the whole 'please don't walk near me because someone might just think that I have parents' scenario, but child #3 hasn't hit that yet.

So this morning when he asked if I would come and help, I jumped.


It smelled bad. It looked bad. It was just icky.

But he's a cutie, which totally made up for it.

(picture taken courtesy of my camera cord is on it's way!)

And alas, no sign of Matthew's car. Yet. This morning while I was out checking crossing guards, I had a quick convo with one of my favorite motorcycle cops.

Me: Hey John...can I run a scenario by you?

Him: Sure thing.

Me: Well...what would you do if...(I recap the story, speaking entirely in the 3rd person.)

Him: Wow. Unbelievable. You work with some real winners.

Me:'s not one of my guards. It's actually a family member...

Him: What idiots!

Me: Actually, they're kinda educated. One of them has a PhD. The other has more common sense than anyone I've ever met before. I'm thinking it was just a lapse in judgement. How do you think they should proceed?

Him: (laughing) I pray they come to my station to report'll be the story of the year!


The good news...the mechanics phone is reconnected. He didn't answer, but I left a message! Think he'll call back?


  1. Sooooo glad my daughter doesn't ask for me to come to school any more. She had to skin (don't be mad)a cat today in anatomy class. WHY???? I have no idea.

  2. I was thinking the same thing - you are educated, and M has a PhD. Andrew now wants to know why he needs and education.

  3. He will call once he is done with his drug runs back and forth across the border.

    Andrew -- the education lets you make more money than if you didn't have one. Education however, does not cure stupid.

  4. JUDY!!!!! Oh my! Can you imagine if we had to do that in high school??? LOL!

  5. No Michele I can't, she did pick yesterday of all days to "TELL" me about her day. sigh...Any other day my question "How was school" would get the minimal answer of good, fine, or best one ok. And over the next 2 months they will be dissecting it. Yea me...LOL


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