Sunday, April 11, 2010


Still no sign of my camera cord...and if I don't find it in the 'you've all gone back to school, so now I can really clean the house' clean-up, then I will know it is gone forever.

But I'm still holding out hope.

So if I had my camera, I'd show you one of the 22 pictures I took of my cats sunning themselves yesterday or the one of my brand new flip flops or the Peeps I bought on clearance for $.37 or of Brian and Alex each wearing a half dozen nerf guns during their nerf war in our tiny little house.

But instead you'll just have to use your imagination.


It's Sunday afternoon and I am currently sipping an absolutely divine cappuccino while eating a whoopie pie made with carrot cookies, all while trying to not think about the fact that tomorrow is a 'back to real life' day.

And yes, real life is good.

But nothing beats a vacation day.


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