Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day Away

Yesterday I spent almost all day out, helping a friend by driving her to a very important appointment and taking her home after.

It was far enough away that I didn't want to go home in between, so I managed to get all my errands done in one big swoop.

I 'did' Old Navy, thanks to not one, but two left over gift cards...plus a leftover Visa gift card that had $18.00 on it and basically have a new summer wardrobe.

Which in the end cost me only $38.14. Love that.

I then found a Target. I love Target. Lots.

Next up...the Crystal Cathedral, which I found by accident. It's big. And crystal looking.

And then I found the 'hot donuts now' sign all lit up and well?

Couldn't pass THAT up...made my boys happy when I got home!
I also spent some time just drinking iced tea and reading at a charming little spot. One of my sons is giving me a run for my money....God wants to make sure I am always being tested in the parenting department, so it was nice to have some quiet time away to take some deep breaths. Nobody tells you about this part of parenting when you have that cute little baby...


Brian is off to summer school already this morning...he is taking band with a bunch of friends and is loving it already. Alex has practice; games start tomorrow (can't wait!), and Matthew is an hour away (and staying the night) at rehearsal.

I am going to conquer the laundry today...so many beach towels on top of everything else, plus run to the bank and pick up some groceries. I can't seem to keep us stocked up with all my big boys and their late night eating. Last night it was grilled cheeses and quesadillas...at midnight.



Gotta love summer.


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  1. A day away with a little wandering, a little shopping, a little iced tea, a little reading...sounds blissful! Today it is cold (60's!) and gray, so I finished reading my latest novel inside, went to the library to get some more books, and am now playing around on the computer while roasting turkey tenderloin. A very low-key day that actually feels like fall instead of summer!


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