Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Last Couple Of Days

Walking around Cost Plus on Friday night, we not only ran into some really good friends (and sat in comfy chairs and talked for an hour) but we discovered some wines worth photographing.
I actually bought one of these to go in my little man outside...he likes to hold a bottle of wine, and Angry Housewife seemed perfect.
My garden is CRAZY...tomato plants close to 6 feet tall and FULL of flowers. And there continues to be one very hungry rodent, despite my best efforts to keep him out.

I feel like the farmer in Peter Rabbit.

I've picked a half dozen zucchini in the the past few we go again!
My jewelry business will, once again, be getting a makeover...and my blog will, too. Not sure when exactly, but it is being designed now. And not by me. My current website doesn't do certain things that I need it to do or handle the traffic that it is getting, so a bit of a facelift is going to happen.

Who would've thought? Crazy, isn't it?

Church was quiet today and the message was good. After, we took Karen (one of M's former students...I can say that now because she just graduated!) is interning over the summer, so we took her to lunch. Cuz it's just nice to have a little more estrogen present at our Sunday meals.

Poor thing was probably hoping for a nice light salad...but a burger the size of her head was a close 2nd.
My neighbor needed fridge space (and can I just say how much I LOVE my new fridge??!!) for a fruit bouquet thingy...and my poor boys kept opening the door just to check it out. We've got huge fruit eaters here and the temptation was almost more than they could handle!
It's now Sunday evening before the last week of school. Both of their last days are Thursday, though Brian will be at his end of the year pool party while Alex is taking finals...but then it. will. be. over.

Tomorrow is an early gym morning for me...I didn't go all last week, which means that I have been really grumpy. Not that going to the gym makes me not grumpy...but it does make me too tired to care.


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  1. So are you going to fix Matthew up with Karen, they could be a good match!


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