Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Good Book

I decided to reread the 6th Harry Potter book since the movie is coming out in a few weeks.

And I cannot put it down.

Matthew (and my car) are at an all day far and away rehearsal, Alex is at practice and Brian is at a friends house swimming.

So me 'n 'Arry are shifting between the backyard and my desk.

And that's pretty much my plan for the rest of the afternoon.



  1. Going to the midnight release? I probably won't since Kate will be back at camp after a long weekend at home. However, I will be sure to see it and look for some of the stuff Kate and I saw at the Harry Potter movie exhibit a couple weeks ago.

  2. You know, I did the midnight release of Twilight, but only because a friend had an extra ticket. I think I am too old for those late nights...they are fun before and during, but the next day is killer. =0) I'm thinking we will wait a day or two and see the matinee...it's cheaper and not as crowded. Now for the very last movie I might just rethink the whole late night thing...

  3. Emily JUST finished this book two seconds ago!!


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