Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two For One

Twenty three years ago, I made a bunch of people who I loved dearly wear this dress....and my cousin actually kept hers all these years.

Which I find just a little bit scary.

Almost scarier than the dress itself, but not quite.

So before I go any further, I just want to say that I am sorry to all of them.

And that it was the 80's.


(and thanks, Rachel, for modeling it...your mom owes you $5.00 for making you do this!)
Anyway, we met a quarter of a century ago at a party.

And thought we'd never meet again, until a few months later our paths crossed on a football field.

The 40 yard line, front hash mark to be exact.

I was marching my soon to be 3rd year of drum corps and he was the newest instructor. I was sitting and sunning myself and he told me to get up and move.

And I said 'no'.

And he said 'move'.

And I said 'no'.

The skinny bleached blond guy (that I didn't like so much) then said to me, "you are the rudest person I have EVER met" and promptly spun on his heel and walked away.

Which, if you know him in real life, is totally something you can picture him doing, now isn't it?

I went back to sunning myself and my girlfriend who was sitting near me shouted out:

"You are SO going to marry that guy!!"


Now, twenty three years (and I have only aged 19 cool is that?) and three sons later, we have, quite literally, grown up together. We've weathered many storms and even more rainbows...peaks and valleys, feast and famine.

But through it all, hand in hand, our eyes have been on the One who gave this life to us.

On a silver platter.


And so, Michael, I am thankful for each morning that I wake up next to you. And I am thankful that our boys have you as their dad.

It's a two-fer for you this year...two for one.

Happy Anniversary.

And Happy Father's Day.

And BTW...I love you. Thank you for being one of the strands of my cord.

If two lie down together, they will keep warm. but how can one keep warm alone? Though one can be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.
Ecclesiastes 4:11-13.


  1. Happy Anniversary! It's not only your anniversary and Father's Day, it's Nicole's 2nd birthday. 3 in 1

    A busy weekend with Elijah being born yesterday.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I saved the dress since I had a girl who used it for dress up. I only wish I could still fit in it.....

  3. And that is exactly why one gets married, to keep warm in bed!

  4. Happy anniversary! Wishing you many more years of wedded bliss : )

  5. Mike and I were at a wedding yesterday, and we were comparing weddings now to when you and I were married in the 80s. Back then necklines were high, sleeves were either long or big and puffy (like Princess Di), and strapless was unthinkable in a church. At least the pastel tuxes with ruffled shirts were out of the picture by then! Your wedding was lovely, and I was glad we could fly out for it.


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