Friday, June 5, 2009

I Am Married to a Rock Star.

Today was a 'get out of Dodge' sort of day, except we don't live in Dodge.

But we did get out of town (by a whole 4 miles) and spent the day window shopping and eating lunch at one of our favorite places to eat lunch at.

(whew!  that was a lonnnngg sentence!)

And now, while waiting for the water to boil for capellini...which will go with the chicken (cuz I do not eat veal, thankyouverymuch...or lamb, for that matter) piccata.

And while I wait, I am blogging.  I am also sipping an extremely lovely cocktail.  I do know it has some sort of alcohol in it, but I have chosen to not ask.  That's my motto...just sip.  Don't ask.

While shopping about today, a woman and her entourage (who were from New York, I might add) stopped us.  Or rather, stopped him.  You know, that guy that I like so much.

Excuse me, but aren't you Dr. Busch?  The conductor guy that is so wonderful and amazing and perfect and excuse me while I drop down on the floor and kiss your feet?

OK, so she didn't say amazing.

Welcome to my world.  Granted, it is a small world.


On the homefront, Matthew received a phone call earlier this week from Pacific Crest that a mellophone player had dropped out...and would he like to march this summer?

After a few nights of thinking it over, we gave our blessing and he will report bright and early tomorrow morning.   And will pretty much not be home again until the middle of August.  

Here we go again.

But as you all know, M and I met in drum corps and for was a lifesaver.  And for Matthew it has become a huge part of who he is...and he was missing it.  And when God drops something right into your lap, well...maybe you should pick it up and run with it.


Alex was told in Physical Therapy today that he is ahead of schedule.  He'll have an MRI on Monday followed by an appointment with the orthopedist, so we'll see what they say.  God is good. water is boiling. It's a table set for only 3 tonight...the teens have run to the hills.

Or gone out with friends.  But run for the hills sounds so much more dramatic.


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