Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cucumbers Galore

I just read an article in the newspaper (which was thrown on my front porch this morning even though I cancelled it) on the economy...and that more and more people are choosing to stay put in their homes (for now) rather than buying bigger and bigger.

People are even choosing to live in smaller homes.

It went on to say that if you live in a small house, paint helps. Paint your small house a cheerful color and you, too, will be cheerful.

So THAT is the secret to living happily in a small house. Paint!


My answer to saving money...keep using duct tape on the youngest shrubs shoes.

The cukes have won. I picked a dozen today and a dozen last Thursday. And more than I can count are still growing away.

That's alotta cukes.

Oh, and I have learned that I am the only one who really likes them in my family...guess I should've remembered that before I planted them.
I did find an AMAZING recipe for refrigerator pickles and thanks to my handy dandy mandolin have made 8 quarts of them.


That's alotta pickles.

(and that is not including todays haul!)
So, if you come for a visit, expect to go home with a jar of pickles.

Thank you.

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