Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Skating And Dirt

Tuesday after school, Brian (as usual) arrived home with a bunch of friends.

They needed an outing, so I loaded them up and off we went.

And yes, it is 2 days before school is out and they are working on homework in the car. Whatever.

Guess I am not supposed to say that, but whatever.


Across town we have a skate park...and these boys love their skateboards.
Gear on and getting ready to go.
Crazy...but then again, I have suddenly become old.
They skateboarded for awhile, had a snack and then moved on... football, the current craze.
Today is Wednesday and I have somehow escaped the after school crowd of 5th graders, though Matthew and Alex are both home.

I finished the teacher gift for tomorrow and bought snacks for the pool party.

I worked in my garden. Alone.

I gave Matthew a mohawk.

Because he asked. And because he is 19.

What I have not done is clean. Or cook. Or anything else house related, like laundry, and it shows.

So if you come to my house, please do not remove your shoes, cuz you'll stick to the floor. Or ask to use the bathroom, because my 3 sons share the guest bath and I haven't touched it (or mine, for that matter) so far this week. And pretend to not notice that I am wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday. And the day before yesterday.

And if you are hungry, well, we have no bring pizza. We are hungry, too.



  1. I wouldn't worry about homework the last week of school. Grades probably had to be turned in last week, if your school is anything like here. They just don't tell the kids : )

    Now that I am on break, I have been cleaning and running errands. And three boys can't be any worse on a bathroom than two teenage girls! Hopefully I'll finish cleaning tomorrow. It's nice to have the time to do these things...especially since it's been cool and rainy!

  2. I know...because I helped file the report cards!! We have a new teacher this year...she's been wonderful, but even gave homework last night, too. We 'chose' to not do it. =0)

  3. Homework the last week of school? I don't think so. At least we don't have to worry about that since we've been on break. Now it's sleeping in, eating, and more sleep.


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