Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Gone Wild

Cucumbers gone wild.

Tomatoes gone wild.
Zucchini gone wild.
We have had such mild weather so far this summer with temps in the high 70's...and my garden is loving it.

Or maybe it just loves my talking, because I spend an awful lot of time time discussing life's current batch of problems while I am weeding.


Finished Book 6 of Harry Potter and had every intention of least until after I see the movie in a few weeks.

But hello?

I just couldn't, so on to Book 7....which I had forgotten how great it is.

So instead of doing all the things I should be doing, I am reading.

Hellooooo.....summer vacation!

And just to give you a taste of what makes me happy right now (aside from the fact that my jewelry website is FINALLY almost finished...all that editing takes! Thanks, A!), this is the new ringtone on my cellphone:


I am a nerd.



  1. The weeds have gone wild in my yard. Want to come weed?

  2. I keep thinking I haven't done anything real productive the past few days, and then I remind myself that it's summer break...I don't have to be productive : )

    I've gone for morning walk/jogs, read a few books, met a friend for coffee (okay, iced tea in the 90+ heat), and just hung around home.

    Next week's big goals: figure out how to put ringtones on my new phone, and figure out how to put music onto my new MP3 player (bought a couple months ago with gift money and then shoved into the closet until I had time to play with it).

  3. My general ring tone is Pump It by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    Before that is was, Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd.

    Yes I have issues!


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