Monday, June 15, 2009

Saved The Shoes, Mom.

Brian's new, as in one month old, shoes started to fall apart. Mind you, he has another pair of rather new shoes that were for basketball and are ready to wear, but he likes these shoes.

So, I caved and we tried super glue.

Yep, we're the type of family that superglues shoes together....especially when there are only 4 days of school left and the kid'll be in flip flops all summer long.

Anyway, the superglue worked for a day.

And then Alex (who, by the way had a great first time back on the court training session with his pro-baller million dollar trainer and is now feeling so much better about things) offered to help.

I can fix them, Mom.

(and I just keep saying 'wear the other shoes, Brian' but that apparently is not an option because, by golly, people might think we are normal.)

So I let Alex fix them.

And, in the meantime, I don't check to see exactly how he has fixed them. Until after Brian has come home from school.

Lovely. Double lovely.

Introducing the wonders of multi colored duct tape!



  1. My public library has free craft classes, and a recent class was on how to make duct tape shoes...seriously! The teens used tagboard and lots of duct tape to make their own flip-flops. Seems like a lot of work when you can pick them up in a rainbow of colors for $2 at Old Navy : )

  2. Brian is in love with duct tape...and it now comes in so many colors! The shoe thing is wayyy too much, though!

    I bought 5 new pairs of flip flops at Old Navy last week...can't beat the price and I just couldn't decide on colors, so I bought all the ones I liked. =0)

  3. In the mind of any guy, duct tape can fix ANYTHING!


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