Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back in the Saddle

This morning was the first game of summer league...and Alex's first time back on the court.

Our team was a little short handed, but ended up with a win...even if they were a little gimpy. Out of the six, one had his appendix removed 2 weeks ago, one (mine) is still healing his MCL, and one got bonked in the eye a few minutes in and had to go get stitched up.


I love this shot...the game was starting and Alex was on the bench. The ref went over to talk to him and his coach and asked Alex why he was sitting out.

And who was he going to call fouls on?


He ended up playing lots...a little rusty and very tentative, but it was so good to see him laughing and having fun out there.
Lately I have been asking God for quiet and He answered in the most direct way ever...basically, I have been blessed with moments of nothingness over the past few days.

Which I have needed. Badly.

Today was my carpool day for summer school, so after dropping off all the kids, I met that guy that I like so much at Alex's game...and then had an hour before I had to pick the kids up.

I found a Peet's, ordered a rather rare for me coffee and a berry scone...and then sat and read in the courtyard.

Lovely. Just lovely.

We are up to our ears in zucchini and sadly, it is not very good. In fact, it is rather strange in a pumpkin-y sort of way...and I love pumpkin and squash.

It's just weird tasting.

No worries...I only picked 14 ginormous ones the other day. Pawned off a few and grated (or watched my food processor grate) all the rest.
I ended up with 12 2-cup baggies full, perfect for making bread. And then I quit, because how much zucchini should you really keep on hand anyway?
I've made some really cute new pendants, too...and then RUINED every single one.


Between my solder and my flux...arghhh. And for the record, I had no idea what those two things were until about 6 months ago...but now they are fun when they work and horrible when they don't.

So sad.


  1. Zucchini bread!! Can never get enough of that stuff. You could load the freezer with the bread and it will keep for a long time. You could even pre slice it before freezing, but with your household, you would go through the entire loaf in a matter of minutes! :)

  2. You probably let the zucchini get too big before you picked them.

  3. Here's something to add to your product line:


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