Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Festivities

My garden is doing really well and the rabbit must be full.

For this week anyway, or else he is tired of zucchini.

I know we kind of are...and the neighbors are mysteriously absent when I come a knockin' on their doors carrying a ginormously large squash in my arms.
But Costco had figs.

Yes. Costco.

And while I dream of picking them fresh off of my own tree, Costco is a close second.

I am pretty sure that there is nothing better than a plate of fresh figs, some goat cheese, a little honey and a sprinkle of kosher salt.

OK, maybe a few things are better...but don't ask me what they are during fig season.
In household news....the horn (this is a mellophone...kind of like a marching french horn, because drum and bugle corps march only drums and, well, bugles) is ready.
And the bags are packed. Oh, and the feet are really, really white.

He's touring pretty locally...and performed at the Rose Bowl on the 4th.
On the homefront, we stayed put for the first time in a few years.

And our 4th of July celebrations rocked.


This year we hosted a neighborhood pancake breakfast...just to shake things up a bit.

The tables were set the night before.
The coffee bar was set up.
And surprise, surprise...Kathleen and Juli were the 1st to arrive!!! K had sent me an email saying that 9am and their family did NOT go well together...too funny!
Brian and She-She...she's loved him since he was in utero.

We served plain pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, Elisa's (one of our neighborhood teen chefs!!!) lemon cornmeal waffles with fresh blueberry sauce...which I could not stop eating!!, tons of toppings, sausage, bacon, fresh fruit, juice and lots of coffee.

Upside down.

Just kidding.

Full of carbs, we all waddled out for the firing off of Adam's cannon. That he built himself. I mean, the child is brilliant.

Check out Brian firing the thing!


Here are some of the neighborhood kids...all grown up.
(Alex is in the yellow shirt.)
Some of the boys...the middle two are off to college in the fall.
And after the adrenaline wore off (does adrenaline wear off?), my next door neighbor Dan snagged the primo spot for napping.


Cleaned up, took a little nap myself and got ready for party #2...and this is the only picture I took of it.

Great sangria and fun fireworks...and late night s'mores made over candles in the backyard.
This morning Alex's team played at 10:00 and we are off to play for the tournament championship at 4:15pm.

Then it's off to San Diego (an hour away) to watch Matthew perform...we should make it just. in. time. It'll be close!

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  1. Like Mother, Like Daughter...
    We're known for our Belgian Waffle Breakfasts. We get 6 waffle makers going, have a ton of different toppings & syrups and a big bowl of fresh fruit...ah yes, and don't forget the coffee!

    Lovely! :-)


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