Monday, July 6, 2009

My Life

The above photo is how I would describe my life right now.

There is the hole in the wall, by the basket, from the time one of my boys propped a large board on the washing machine and skateboarded down it and into the wall. They have yet to confess or to turn in the guilty party (it happened 2 summers ago) and while it is an annoying hole, I have kept it there...even during the remodel, because: a) while it totally made me is one of those things that makes me laugh and
b) their solidarity is quite impressive.

There are also the blankets and chairs left over from July 4th fireworks on, ummm, July 4th. Two days ago.

Matthew's duffel AND drum corps hat, still in the same place he dropped them late, late last night. He is already gone for an all day, far away rehearsal with a just for today (since I am so worried about him...sigh), he is off the hook.

A kitchen chair in the family room. Ask no questions, get no answers.

A football. Since footballs only belong outside, I can't say why it would be in the family room, but once again...ask no questions, blah, blah, blah.

A ginormously large nerf gun...and darts. ALL. OVER. THE. HOUSE. Apparently it was quite the legendary battle. Too bad I missed it.

A sleeping husband.



  1. It's nice to see other people's houses look lived in. When my girls are home, we have piles of things throughout the Kate's kitchen chair, by the piano, on the fireplace hearth, on the living room floor, by the coffee table, drink glasses and water bottles left anywhere...See? My list can be as long as yours...just without the pictures : )

  2. You forgot the crooked picture above Mike.


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