Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Girl Time

Lunch with the girls...Sheila and Amy.

Basically it was a hoot-fest...a time where we laughed hard and loud and long.

It was a hoot.


Brian is off to summer school...the big concert is tonight. Matthew is currently in Arkansas with all the big, scary storms; he is also performing tonight. Alex had an early morning game yesterday and has a long practice today...but will most likely sleep all the way up to the time he has to leave.

I love teenagers.


Oh, and that guy that I like so much went back to work yesterday. His summer break has come to an end...and I am bummed, so I cleaned out the linen closet.

I figured we would be a little sad together.

And I think it worked.

1 comment:

  1. So sad when summer break comes to an end. I know Mike earns every hour of it during the school year. Last year I figured out that I had already put in extra hours equal to half of my summer break well before Thanksgiving...and then I realized I had to stop thinking of it like that. I do appreciate every day I have off! I just wish we had some more sun this summer...yet another cloudy day in the 70s today with more just like it to come this week.


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