Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just some stuff

  1. Alex had a great game yesterday. His team was down by 2 with 2 seconds on the clock. He went up for a 3 (the silver lining to his knee injury...beautiful 3 pointers because for 6 weeks that was all he could do), missed and is fouled..and then goes on to make all 3 of his free throws. Fun for everyone to watch except for his mother, who is not strong enough. At all.
  2. Matthew landed in Tulsa, drove to Dallas, ran a couple of miles to get used to the humidity and performed last night. Tonight is a show in Houston.
  3. I spent all morning filling jewelry orders, including making a beautiful pendant for my sister in law...which I then ruined. This self taught soldering stuff is not working for me. At all.
  4. I removed 8 bags of books (early readers and chapter books...Joanna, do you want them?) from Brian's bookcase and am about to list the bookcase itself on CraigsList. I am in a purging kind of mood.
  5. Drove carpool this morning and then to downtown Santa Ana to pick up Brian's birth certificate...the office was empty, so I was in and out in less than 5 minutes.
  6. Made a brownie pudding the other night and last night watched 3 males attack what was left with spoons. Classic.
7. Took Brian to the pool to swim with friends and realized once I was there (and talking with someone who I don't know all that well) that A) I have not yet showered today, B) I haven't put in my contacts yet because I have been soldering (see #3) and my glasses count as safety goggles, C) I am pretty sure that I haven't as of yet put on any make-up, D) I am wearing gardening clothes...which in real life resemble my pajamas and finally E) I ate nacho cheese doritos (sad, but oh so delicious) for lunch and we all know what those do to your breath.

Oh well.



  1. Okay, your jewelry work reminds me that I really need to get started on some unfinished craft projects. However, my day was about as exciting as yours. I exercised, washed the car, bought a new frog calendar set for my classroom (too cute!), went to the library, bought some fruit and veggies at the grocery store, bought a wall mirror for Liz, read a few chapters in my latest book, and went to bible study. Maybe tomorrow I'll spend an hour on crafts...if I don't get too absorbed in my latest novel : ) After all, summer is now more than half over : (

  2. I have had Doritos for lunch many a time

  3. Speaking of jewelry...I am going to be doing a little giveaway on my blog early next week. One necklace will be up for grabs! =0)

  4. Ooooh...I'll be looking for your necklace giveaway! In the meantime, today's project is to finally restring my garnet bead necklace that broke last year.

  5. I wonder if the unfinished craft projects include the quilt Cheryl started working on when Kate was born (she is 18 this year)! :-p


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