Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cats, Boys and Tomatoes.

Just because it's been awhile since I've gushed about my cats, here they are.

With scary, flash induced eyes.

But aren't they just so purty?


The youngest shrub, all dressed up and ready for his concert. Don't let him fool ya...he digs dressing up. Really.
I had picked up Alex from practice and he could barely get in the car...if you know him at all, you know that it is alarming if he shows/admits to being in pain.

It's not a good habit, by the way, to not stop until you are in debilitating pain. And it drives your mother crazy.

Apparently he was having back spasms for awhile, but waited to tell me till he could barely walk. Lovely.

So we detoured right to our favorite chiropractor, who had to do some laser stuff, among other things, and he got him moving...but it's bad.

Doesn't slow him down, fact, he just played a game. Spasms and all.


So we met up at Brian's concert which was AWESOME. So fun...and so fun to see Brian finding that something that he really likes doing.

And this picture kills me...Alex looking like, well, Alex and Brian looking like a business man.

This morning on the fence around my garden was the scariest, scariest, scariest, scariest spider ever. Ever. Ever.

With a big 'ole egg sack.

So I handled it in a mature way...doused him with snail killer and then used a shovel, while screaming (because screaming really does help!) and jumping up and down.

In flip flops.
Picked a bushel load...btw, how many tomatoes are in a bushel? load of tomatoes.

I did decide to weigh them...21 pounds worth.

That's a lotta tomatoes!
I need to go pick up some pictures and something to grill for dinner...M has requested protein that needs to be cut with a knife. No problem, but there will be a tomato (or two) on the side.


Oh, and Matthew is in Tennessee today. And took the storms from Arkansas with him...

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  1. Do you mean to say that none of the boys in your house were there to be a spider squasher for you? Liz got Mike a great Father's Day card this of those animated ones where when you wiggle it, it looks like the dad is stomping on a bug. He still laughs at her for not being afraid of a 1000 lb. horse but for being afraid of the spiders that live in barns and her room. Good thing there will be a couple of boys living in her off-campus house at school to kill all the bugs when dad's not there! You are very brave : )


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