Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Weekend Has Begun

We had a family movie outing yesterday...minus the eldest son who is blowing his bugle somewhere in Texas, and went to see Harry Potter.

And while I loved the movie, I came away feeling a bit disappointed...and Alex, who hasn't read the books, had a hard time following it.

But the company was fun. And the food, which we picked up at Chik Fil-A and shoved in my purse was yummy and fried. Sorry AMC, but we did still buy our drinks and a popcorn from you.


Mid-day movies always screw up meal times for me...I'm just not hungry enough for supper at the normal time.

But tell that to my houseful of boys.

So, I roasted up some potatoes and some sausage and some fresh green beans and called it a day.

But for was all about this. Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from my garden, fresh mozzarella and a drizzle of olive oil.

This morning in an attempt to beat the heat, I weeded and pruned and watered on the early side.

Oh, and picked. And picked. And picked.

And hello? See that little acorn squash in the corner? Ummmm....he is an intruder because I am fairly (like 100%) positive I planted not a single acorn squash in my plot.

Not a one.

But he grew anyway, and tonight will be roasted with a little butter and amaretto. Yep, he will.

Oh, and there'll be earrings in the shop soon. So all who've asked, they are coming.
The rest of today belongs to basketball. Love that. Matthew is in San Antonio for the next 2 days competing...he says it is hot and humid and he is loving it. I love that, too.



  1. Love the earrings! Mike and I are going to see Harry Potter tonight. Liz texted us from camp and said it was "amazing." I'm really looking forward to it. Then tomorrow is church and another picnic dinner and Chicago Symphony Orchestra concert at Ravinia (Mendelssohn's 9th). I love weekends!

  2. You changed your blog!?! I'm shocked.


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