Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mail For Matthew

Usually when Matthew leaves for his summer tour, we are only able to keep in touch via text messaging...he doesn't take a laptop and that whole practice all day, perform and then drive all night thing makes it hard to find time to talk.

But this year, they are having a mail stop in Niagara Falls, NY.

They are still a far way off, performing in Georgia tonight, but we've been sending little packages and letters to him.

We included this picture of his brothers missing him SO much...and keeping all his stuff company while he is gone.

While the cat's away, the mice will play!


And sadly, speaking of cats...Mollie (the black one) didn't come home last night, and she still hasn't shown up this morning. I am scared because a coyote attacked my neighbors cat last weekend.

I know it is only a cat, but she is really special to if you could say a little prayer (yes, for my cat) that she would come home, I'd appreciate it.

And back to the above photo...Matthew told Brian to not even LOOK at his piccolo trumpet and that NO ONE should even TOUCH his laptop, earphones, bear and sunglasses while he was gone.

But it was just tooo much to resist.

Miss you, Matthew!



  1. We woke up at 5:45 this morning to what sounded like a dog fight. Turns out our 2 neighboring dogs trapped and killed a new bambi. Needless to say, we are sick about it. We love to watch the new babies hopping around. Unfortunately, once an animal gets the taste of blood, they don't stop. Our one neighbor is getting rid of her dog today!. The other one says she'll keep hers on a leash...yeah, right. I hope Mollie comes back okay...

  2. I hope Mollie comes back okay!

    The picture you are sending Matthew just cracks me up. Everytime Liz leaves for Bradley after a break, Kate goes clothes shopping in her drawers and closet. She figures if Liz doesn't want it enough to take it to school, she can borrow it while she's gone. Never mind that Kate has plenty of stuff of her's that it belongs to her sister. Of course, Kate has a cherry red cardigan in her closet that is perfect for my new summer skirt, so what she doesn't know won't hurt her : )

  3. This picture alone will drive Matthew into years of counseling!

    Have you looked in the local Chinese restaurant for the cat?

  4. Hey, *I* was going to say to check your local Chinese restaurant! Don't laugh. I had a friend who went to China years ago. They told her it was "chicken". She had disected a cat in high school, and said, it WASN'T chicken. Ewwww.....

  5. My kitty came home...totally spooked, but she's home!!! No chinese restaurant for my sweet Mollie! =0)

  6. BTW, Matthew has a bear because?


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