Friday, March 14, 2008


Beautiful weather, beautiful azaleas.


Yesterday was non-stop and by about 5 pm, I was in desperate need of reinforcements. Matthew was in an especially kind and caring mood, Alex chose to embrace his brothers kind and caring mood and Brian just never stopped talking. I even went into the bathroom at one point and he talked to me through the closed door. I had to pull out the old one interrupts the mom in the bathroom unless there is fire or blood.

M called on his way home and I told him I needed the Calvary to come and rescue me. He'd had a rough day and probably needed to be rescued himself, so I chilled a bottle of wine. I was waiting on the front porch, passport in hand, when he drove up in his chariot...he told me to climb in and he'd whisk me away, but 1st I should brush my hair and put on some lipstick.


Sheila stopped over to borrow a teaspoon of brandy. A teaspoon? A teaspoon! Watch out, you might get tipsy and not be able to walk home!


After a fast supper, M and I were out the door to watch Matthew's concert. I took tons of wonderfully blurry pictures, so just imagine him singing and dancing.

Came home and made popcorn...the real kind with oil and popcorn and a pot on the stove, though I now know why people everywhere rejoiced at microwave popcorn. Yes, the real stuff with real butter and real salt tastes fabulous, but there is now a layer of oil all over the kitchen. Plus, I am pretty sure the smell, which was wonderful last night, will never leave.

I'm on the run from 11 on today until about 7:30pm. Matthew has another concert, M has a recital (the 1st of 4 this weekend), Alex has basketball and then a dance, and Brian has a play date after school. Supper will be CORN - Clean Out Refrigerator Night!


  1. Popcorn. If you're making it on the stove, you need to put a lid on the pot to keep the oil in!

    Nice azealeas! What about the palm tree?

  2. Matthew’s attitude will continue to spiral downward until August. This is God’s way of getting us to be GLAD to seem them GO AWAY to college at the end of August.

    Since you are going to have an extra bedroom, can we send Kate to live with you? She and Brian can spend house talking at each other!


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