Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Playing hooky yesterday was fun, but now I have a pile of laundry to catch up on. I've also payed the bills, answered a few emails, worked, met a friend for tea and shopped for a new stove.

Gotta love an oven that has a mind of it's own. The new one is picked out but will not be purchased until this one completely goes and when it does, I can just order it over the phone. I'm hoping that is in 5 or 6 years.


Last night, Alex was invited to work out with a trainer...a guy who is a former Harlem Globetrotter. Not only that but he has a terminal degree, which in the academic world is like an Olympic gold medal.

Which means he's smart AND an athlete.

Anyway, he only takes on a few at a time and he and Alex clicked. Alot. They talked dislocated kneecaps and broken hands and noses and ankles. Oh, and torn MCL's. All things they have in common. Alex loved it, saying it was the hardest work-out he's ever had, though in all honesty, if we had known how much it was going to cost we never would have taken him. But hey, he got 2 'free' t-shirts.

Ah well...

It is strange to have an athletic kid...the kind of kid who requires absolutely no nagging to practice. None. School is a whole 'nuther story, but give him a basketball and he gets this look in his eyes of pure joy. Will this be his career? I have no clue...he could quit for some reason or another in a year or two, but those of you who know him know that that is unlikely. I do know that for right now it is helping to form him into the kind of man he will be. It's teaching him discipline and strength. Mental and physical.

So, he'll train with John for 20 sessions over the course of 2 months. It's actually a good time...the regular season has ended and we're only in tournament play, but it still ups us to 4 nights a week of basketball. Again.

Tonight we are mostly home. Matthew has a rehearsal but will be home for supper 1st. It's a simple one tonight...roasted Italian sausage, potatoes and green beans, with some homemade bread on the side. And peaches. Lots and lots of peaches.

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  1. Alex will soon discover playing with women is far more fun than playing basket ball. Of course that is also the point in time where you will have to lock him in the basement for the next four years.


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