Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This afternoon, I drove Matthew to what I hope will be his very last college audition at our very own college on the hill. Popped in on my very favorite husbands rehearsal and asked him on a date.

And he said yes.

So off we went to our favorite little Mexican restaurant for happy hour.

God bless happy hour.

I'm thinking happy hour was started by parents who needed to get away from their children...hence the name. Happy.

Half price margaritas?
$1.00 fish tacos?
Roasted tomato soup?
Strawberry creme brulee?

After, we were so happy that we honestly thought about running away from home. But alas, the grandparents live too far away to come and kidnap the children. Nope...they are all far away. And happy.


While we were gone, boys 1 and 2 played wii...the whole time. Boy 3 did his homework, showered, and took care of the cats. That child is a keeper, but the rest are free for the taking. Absolutely free.


  1. Playing Wii? That's a kid's job, according to Andrew. Yep, eat, sleep and play video games, eat more, sleep more, play more video games.

  2. Don't worry, boy three's hormones will soon kick in and he will begin acting like boy 1 & 2!


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