Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This and That

I managed to squeeze in all my errands today, though I accidentally ran into Costco while hungry.

Never a good idea.

I had 5 things on my list...syrup, waffles, sweet potato fries, artichokes, and cat litter.

$307.00 and less than an hour later, I walked out.


In my defense, I did stock the freezer with 'teen' food. I highly doubt that we will need to buy canned peaches anytime in 2008. And those really, really cute shorts? Had to have 'em!

Came home and unloaded, cleaned up the cat barf, then met up with a friend for a walk around the lake, iced teas in hand. We actually walked it twice because we weren't done much to say in the 4 days since we had seen each other.

The bathroom rules are working well...this morning after they left for school, an actual guest could have used it. Perfect.


For supper tonight, I just made a huge pot of spaghetti 'gravy'. I had planned on making meatballs, too, but ran out of bread crumbs. $307.00 and no bread crumbs...go figure. M is going to see Chanticleer, so he'll dash in and dash out. Dash might be an overstatement...the guy that I like so much is exhausted, but it IS Chanticleer. Matthew has a rehearsal, Alex and Brian are home tonight...Alex has a lot of homework to catch up on, and I am looking forward to a hot, hot bath while reading some of the millions of magazines my sister-in-law brought over. Oh, and American Idol. Gotta watch American Idol. I'm loving this season...especially Brooke and Jason!


  1. I like Brooke and Jason too, but don't forget about Carly and cute little David Archuletta. After his first performance I said they might as well give David the record deal right now. He already has the talent and screaming preteen fans.

  2. Yep that's my wife, hot for a 17 year old! Now if I carried on about a 17 year old girl, THAT would be a different story!

  3. I think David Archuletta reminds Cheryl of Donny Osmond. She's still hot for Donny, if you don't know that, Xerxes.


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